“Robin is an extremely important part of my weekly sanity! It is  great to have a resource with in-depth experience about business and  management to draw on when I need to think about issues and  planning. She is thorough and mindful.”   – Asher Nichols, Owner, Asher Nichols & Craftsmen​ 

"Robin has been mentoring me since I started my own private  practice, and I always look forward to our sessions. In addition to  clarifying and simplifying all the back-end tasks that I struggle with,  our meetings feel somewhat like ‘business therapy’ (if there’s such a  thing!). Robin has a very maternal style in that she gives me emotional  support, wisdom, and validation. We talk about the importance of self  care, assertiveness, business ethics and other challenges that come with  the territory of being a young, new business owner. I have recommended  Robin to many friends and will continue to do so!”  – Jenna Volpe, Founder/Owner and Registered Dietitian, Whole-istic Living. 

“Working closely with Robin Hamilton has been extremely  influential to my business.  I can honestly say she has been a great  mentor in assisting and guiding me with developing my company. Robin has  an expertise in the areas of hiring personnel, employer/employee  communications, and managing tasks in a productive and efficient  manner.  Guided by her direction, the daily operations and my skills as  an employer have been greatly enhanced.  – Ed McDonald, Owner/Founder, McDonald Contracting.

"Robin provides me with superior business analysis and back-end  operational guidance. Her ability to actively listen and ask the right  questions enables her to quickly and thoroughly grasp the challenges of  my law practice and come up with a range of solutions – from database  management to website enhancement and business development. Robin has a  team of experts that she can call upon to help her develop the right  solutions for any challenge. I highly recommend Robin to small and  mid-sized businesses looking to improve operations, enhance marketing,  and strategically grow.”   – Melanie Hagopian, Esq, Real Estate and Land Use Attorney, Law Office of Melanie Hagopian 

“Robin Hamilton has breathed life into my business in only three  meetings! Before Robin, I was disorganized and stressed. In comes  Robin—she listens, she observes, she encourages, then implements  effective plans and improved systems that allow the business to run more  fluidly. Robin rocks, plain and simple.” – Alexis Avila, Founder & President, Prepped & Polished