My services can:

Business Management

· address all manner of business management questions
· assess the mechanics behind your business
· help you recognize when to delegate
· reveal how elements of your business brings risk or value
· provide a decision-making sounding board
· establish a warranty program
· improve efficiency of internal processes as needed
· prevent email inbox overload
· improve your relationship with your cell phone
· remove stress and sleepless nights while restoring peace of mind

Business Development & Client Retention

· narrow down ideal target market
· create a system to efficiently keep up with call and e-mail volume
· improve client-facing communications
· explore creative ways to generate more business
· review paper and digital marketing presence from the customer standpoint
· explain Marketing 101 and advise when to outsource

Administration & Organization

· provide time-management coaching
· recommend and implement software and mobile apps—office, HR, payroll, accounting, etc.
· improve organization—from that messy desk up to the company structure
· create or streamline paper and/or electronic filing systems
· establish or organize computer systems
· advise daily, weekly, monthly, and annual calendar structures
· improve internal communications
· develop a bank of templates for future use 

Money Management

· address the ABC’s of bookkeeping
· assess and improve pricing structure to reflect your true market value
· evaluate and adjust payroll processes
· recommend and implement best accounting and payroll software or service
· suggest business insurance solutions where gaps may exist
· determine whether your current bank is right for your business 

Human Resource Management

· advise on all manner of personnel issues, including hiring and firing  

· teach communication strategies to improve employee relationships 

· create customized employee handbooks in compliance with state and federal regulations 

· ensure employee records fulfill state and federal regulations 

· develop job descriptions and postings, and assist with hiring 

· establish or assess and improve worker evaluation processes 

· develop qualitative measurements for employees 

· create staffing tiers and promotion scales 

· institute substance abuse policies 

· develop worker training plans 

· initiate and/or regulate mentoring programs 

· assist with conflict resolution 

· coach lead employees on organization, mastering responsibility, time  management, role development, and communication/teamwork skills  

Project Management

· determine which project management practices would benefit your business
· ensure project scope clearly defines work to be completed
· eliminate overloaded project schedules and worker over-allocation
· provide project management training
· develop checklists to ensure tasks and sub-tasks are not overlooked
· streamline budget and change-order processes
· establish effective client communication intervals
· implement quality- and risk-management practices
· adjust client payment structures to stabilize cash flow management