9. Why do my clients like working with me?

- My clients find they have more time focusing on the tasks that relate to “why” they went into business. They are not getting bogged down in the “stuff” they don’t understand and don’t like to do as they had in the past.

- By our third meeting, I usually see my clients’ stress reduced. I recognize this stress reduction by the smile on their face when I arrive to meet with them.

- While my clients might have plenty of confidence as a service provider or product producer, they lack it when it comes to “running” the business is often lacking. I help my clients understand what they are capable of doing and celebrate what they have already achieved in their business. By assisting them in this way, their stress continues to decline, and their confidence builds.

- To date, all of my clients are realizing business growth. They find more time for themselves and to spend with their families. They are happier and less stressed.

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