3. What sets you apart from other service providers? What are the benefits?

I am a business operations specialist. Large corporations have Chief Financial Officers (CFO) and Chief Operating Officers (COO), for example. I am similar to a COO for small businesses that might not ever need these C-Suite positions. However, many other words are used by my clients to describe how I serve them. These words include mentor, coach, and advisor. My approach includes:

- Using NO one-size fits all practices. I serve as your partner in finding solutions to solve your specific business problems.  I make recommendations based on your business, but ultimately you select the solutions that fit your business needs best, then I can help you implement that decision.

- Finding time in your schedule. Yes, I have found the 36 hour day! Just kidding, of course! However, I work with you to “find time” in your schedule by building structure into your weekly calendar, setting up processes, and streamlining tasks. I also work to identify which “hat(s)” can be moved to another service provider or employee. This is where our “time is money” approach is applied. Think of Henry Ford who invented the assembly line! He was a master at optimizing processes to reduce the "time" it took to manufacture automobiles.  Now break that approach down to the small business setting while respecting the personality of the business owner. That is what I do with my clients!

- Solving problems. I usually come to a meeting already having an agenda. However, I am readily able to shift to discussing and resolving an issue that has just arisen, and you need to process and find solutions. This is how I am different from “business coaches” who push you to accomplish goals no matter what the stress factors are.

- Minimizing risks. I want you to minimize risks. One daunting area of risk is the area of legal compliance. Many business owners are unaware of these types of threats. I work with you to teach you and to “move toward” compliance in some areas such as taxes, worker’s comp insurance, unemployment tax, payroll vs. 1099 status, family medical leave, and affordable care, for example. Businesses of different sizes have different legal compliance obligations. I work with you to achieve compliance.

- Focusing on your wellness. When we work on your business, we are focusing on your wellness. It is essential that you spend time with family, have time for yourself, and get a good night’s rest! By reducing stress, I have seen our clients feel better and have more energy… and even like their business again!

- Utilizing the right experts. I do not proclaim myself to be the “expert” in every business realm, but I do have a very broad understanding of all business operations. When needed, I readily refer my clients to my network of “experts” that have the depth of knowledge in specific fields. I am always considerate of your budget, personality, and specific business needs when I refer you to other providers.