1. Why would I, the business owner, want to work with you?

There are many reasons you might want to work with me. Below are just several examples:

- You may have found that you cannot keep up with all of the responsibilities you have. I refer to this as “wearing all of the hats.” Wearing all of the hats can prevent you from working on the revenue generating part of your business. It can also keep your other responsibilities piling up and prevent them from getting done. You might find that you are behind on customer work, billing is not occurring, marketing efforts are stagnant, etc. You likely feel stressed and even overwhelmed!

- Your business is ready to grow, but you feel that it will collapse if you continue to wear all of the “hats.” You do not know how to take off any of the hats or in what order to do so. You might even see taking off “hats” as giving up control. The control you have had feels like it is the only thing that is holding your business together.

- You may be thinking you are doing everything “the wrong way!” I don’t believe you have done “things” the wrong way. Your business success so far validates that may not be true. However, to grow, you can’t keep doing things the same way. As every business grows, different or new tools and systems need to be used to support the new volume of clients/sales and the growing number of employees.

- You “just” want someone to talk to that understands your challenges. Validating your perspective or looking at a problem through a different lens is invaluable for most small business owners. Our discussions will include topics such as employee relations, prioritizing responsibilities, and even looking at the product or service from your purchaser’s perspective and giving feedback.

- Again, you “feel all alone” on the issues that are impacting your business. We can share anecdotal stories where our other clients have experienced very similar situations and feelings. Just talking things out is another way we see a layer of stress removed from your shoulders.