Boston Business Operations Group LLC

... with Robin Hamilton
Business Operations specialist

The chief operations officer for businesses 

that would never have one!

Helping Small Business Owners

For new businesses...

Preparing for success. My clients who are preparing to bring their business to market can have countless tasks to complete before ever doing business – setting up bank accounts, purchasing insurance, filing as a business entity, product development, marketing and more. Given the sheer volume of work that needs to get done, it’s no surprise that many new business owners become overwhelmed and fail to execute some necessities.  For them, I help with this problem by stepping in before daily operations commence, ensuring that clients have everything they need for success – the right strategies, systems, people, and training. 

For businesses of any age or stage...

Developing stability. For businesses that are already operational, I work with the owners to prevent them from being derailed by daily productivity issues and from what feels like to them... the never ending small fires burning. Once they hire employees, challenges seem insurmountable. By transforming systems and procedures into streamlined operations and human resource efforts, for example, owners can then set priorities that allow them to focus on moving the business towards growth and long-term sustainability.

Scalability and growth...

Committed to the future. My commitment to clients is as straightforward. I am determined to prepare every client to be equipped to run and grow their business without being distracted by earlier problems that threatened to derail them. With a sustainable approach to scale-able growth that includes strong staff, improving systems, and consistent product/service delivery, owners can minimize their grip on operational reigns and finally be able to realize their business goals.